Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Company Overview

MyEmbDesigns is an experienced company that’s offering pre-designed digital embroidery designs. You can get the embroidery layouts, particularly on the internet site, since you obtain points from the other e-commerce sites. Some of our main categories are Embroidery digitizing, Vector artwork, Embroidery patterns, machine embroidery layouts, 3D puff Embroidery layouts, screen printing layouts, plus a lot much more.

We request you to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly before registration or before utilizing any of our services.  Once you register with my embroidery design Shop, you agree to be restricted by our Terms and Conditions. If, for any reason, you do not want to abide by such Terms and Conditions, please do not register to join or make any purchase from the Embroidery Design Shop.

Terms & Conditions:

The Terms and Conditions you are going to read are valid for all services of the Embroidery Design Shop. Once you have joined as a Buyer, Seller, or Affiliate, you are subjected to our Terms and Conditions. There are no changes unless this is privately examined and arranged. We advise you to spend time browsing our website to ensure you know how our system works.

Once you have chosen your purchase (or folder), you will receive the design or folder within 24 hours. You can get the whole folder or the single item you have selected. You do need to pay for the complete folder.  If your chosen specific folder gets out of stock, we will guide you and offer an alternative. We will not charge your account until the purchase has been accepted, confirmed, and is en route.

On our website, you will find free embroidery design, a variety of paid layouts, and there is an option of customized embroidery designs as well. You, the User, will create an account on the site, log in and place your order. Or you can click on the design you like it will add to your cart, and after, you need to follow few simple steps to complete your purchase.

If you face any difficulty in the process, you can contact our embroidery design support term immediately.

Each product that a user has purchased through his/her registered account can be downloaded unlimited times.


The design will be available for download as long as the ‘session’ is active in which the buyer purchased the item. So, we recommend buying any product via our website through a registered account.

Account Handling:

We will provide an account designation to our Users (seller, buyer, affiliate). After the user accomplishes the registration, it will be his responsibility to keep his password and personal details private. We request you not to share any account details with anyone. You are guided to keep your account confidential. Else you will be responsible for any breaches of such an account. If your password falls into the wrong hands, we ask you to contact the Embroidery Design Shop immediately.  You cannot blame us for any loss, damage, or fraud committed by an unauthorized person using your account details and if your account is hacked or compromised. Must contact us immediately.

Illegal content Handling:

In the event, you noticed that Articles written about this site is prohibited and obnoxious. (including but not defined by articles having pornographic content or promotes racism, bias, hatred, or physical injury), deceptive, misleading, abusive, defamatory, Sexual harassment, defamatory, obscenity, sabotage for public connections, racially offensive, degrading, and detrimental along with different states is damaging.

Please notify us at info@myembdesigns.com. Please read all requirements carefully before ordering any design.