Privacy Policy

MyEmbDesigns is a professional company that respects the privacy of its clients. We handle the user’s recognizable data privately. We ensure you that your privacy is secure and guarded. You are most valued to us than anything. We never share our privacy with anyone. The privacy of our customers is more valuable than anything. This policy has also influenced us to deal with our users directly.

The data is unique and identifies different visitors to this website. The visitors must know the use of all the information collected from them. You are strictly not allowed to share your personal information on our website. It is not appreciable and shows an inappropriate attitude. Also, we do not use your details in any prospect. And do not recommend our visitors to leave their details on our website.

Once you connect to our website, you do not worry about your data; we would not sell your data to marketers. For us, your privacy comes first. We always keep backup data to handle server crises and difficulties. There are not any bad intentions behind keeping your data except for backups. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us. We will mention your name along with your review/ feedback. It will help the other users and for the better reputation of our company as well.

We will not sell or disclose your personal information to anyone unless required by law (we need to follow the instructions given by law). No one has the right to use your data for any reason. Any content initially posted on our website and shared by any other website without mentioning its link or appropriate actual license may be submitted to the court.

It is a kind of E-Commerce Website in which you can purchase flawless embroidery digitizing designs in an affordable method and instantly. Unfortunately, we do not have enough content added to our website, but if you believe that any of the posts listed on our site are your original work, email us a link to the original release file. After examining the case, we will remove specific posts based on your request for sure or link back to your blog/site after you have obtained permission. Thus enjoy the inexpensive service without requiring any tension of one’s privacy.