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It has been explained like the skill of craft, but with the support of a needle and thread. The design with hand embroidery is self-petty, creative, and inspiring; the fruit can be likened to a work of craft! The hand embroidery work dates back to early times as needles were invented! And today, hand embroidery designs are again getting popular as before because of their creative and attractive look.

As everyone knows, no one can replace hand embroidery design work with machine embroidery work because people prefer hand embroidery and want to carry hand embroidery work; they must go with that artwork. Many embroiderers create hand embroidery designs with different threads and distinct stitch styles, ladies like hand embroidery designs. However, it is time taking job but with long last result.

hand embroidery designs

Hand embroidery in India and Pakistan has a very well-off and diverse tradition. Moved by natural history and their religion – colors, themes, and styles show the different cultures of their states and regions. The primary material is used like net, velvet, cotton, and leather is used for this purpose too. Different hand embroidery stitches are selected for a meticulous finish and effect, patterns and cloth material, and the preferred texture. Hand Embroidery designs in India and Pakistan include thousands of regional styles offered by region and are used for all variety of Pakistan and Indian clothes for making these designs attractive. Designs in Pakistan and Indian hand embroidery are produced based on the quality and the creation of the material and the stitch.

Even those who have a keen interest in hand embroidery will have been the idea that hand embroidery work is also the tradition of china. Chinese old ladies also like to wear hand embroidery shirts and scarves as Pakistani girls like to carry these cultural and traditional clothes. Hand embroidery is very famous in interior Sindh, and KPK in Pakistan as the women of Pakistan like to wear long dresses with hand embroidery caps that show their culture. On the other hand, if I discuss Indian tradition, then the famous Indian hand embroidery designs, such as Kantha from Bengal plus Kathi from Gujarat and  Gota from Rajasthan, are very favorite. Also, Indians have more hand embroidery artistic designs like Rabari from Rajasthan and Gujarat, Kashida from Kashmir and  Chamba Rumal from Himachal Pradesh, and Indian Kasuti from Karnataka is more famous among all hand embroidery designs.

These are just a few of the little-known hand embroidery customs that live as a piece of our rich and diverse tradition. Some stitches are known as the handwork of “Phool-Patti” from Aligarh, the practice of “Mukaish “work from Uttar Pradesh, the beautiful Parsi – design embroidery, along with its attractive motifs that are embroidered on the customary “Garas.”

The “Mukaish” work is very famous in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan.

Most people like hand embroidery creativity on dresses or Dupattas and different apparel, bags, and Khussas; the people also like hand embroidery work on decorative home decoration pieces. Even a beautiful motif or an essential design hand embroidered makes loveliness and delight in the most wonderfully unexpected way. Celebrate the time with beautiful hand embroidery designs. In this article, I am happy to write that I am blessed to have this beautiful art form in my tradition. When a person tries to make an embroidery design, he must make a simple image on its required fabric then embroider a beautiful design image along with beautiful and creative threads because, with the help of image design, an embroiderer can give their best and can offer a very simple hand embroidery design image. No matter how many fashions would be changed, hand embroidery designs on Kurtis have always remained the magnetism of girls and women. Whether you embroider short tunic Kurtis or long lose Kurtis, the designs made from hand embroidery have been the essential option for women to give their wear a cultural feel.

The latest hand embroidery designs, 2021, show the customs and background because of its exclusivity and stylish designs. Hand embroidery of India and Pakistan is varied from stuff to stuff and has too much style in hand-made embroidery design for dresses. Mostly in Pakistani and Indian weddings and traditions or customary days every woman wears. If I discuss hand-embroiders designs, 2020, the machine embroidery has taken the place of hand embroidery. However, the women who like hand embroidery designs must still prefer the latest embroidery designs for Kurti with needlework known as Korra work and mirror work. From last 2020 still, girls and women prefer mirror work on their kurta and their shalwar.

What are the top 5 hand embroidery design Stitches?

Mostly I observed people who are fresh to hand embroidery, and they talk about how they are best at the whole thing. My advice to all newcomers starts slow. There are limitless embroidery stitches available, and it is enjoyable to learn about them. But first, you have to learn about the foundation of stitches that can help as your baseline. Just Pick 2 to 3 stitches and master those once you get them, and then go further. So for learning, here is the name of 5 hand embroidery design stitches. Just take a look.

  • Stem Stitch
  • French Knots
  • Woven Wheel
  • Spiral Stem Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch

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