Become an Affiliate

  • Upto 20% commission
  • Individual support any time!
  • Excess to all products
  • Easily build link
  • Provide custom dashboard


  • Concept An affiliate can promote our products and get a commission with every product sells!
  • Everybody who has website, blog or just a Social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc) can be affiliate. Features of an affiliate are in the below:
    •  1. Registered member as an affiliate to our marketplace
    •  2. Access to all products
    •  3. Building a link for a specific product.
    •  4. Promote the link created
    •  5. Track sales on dashboard
    •  5. Earn a specific commissions on every sells.


  • Facilities
    • Get a commission upto 20% on every sells
    • Payment with local bank transfer
    • Track sales
    • 24/7 supports from our team.
    • Regular promotions for every product sells.
    • All the security to get payment.